Your First Stop for Gun Purchases in Hampton VA

Stop on in and check out our store that has over 5,000 sq ft of retail space and more than two hundred new and used firearms for sale. We are family owned and have been in the pawn and firearms business in Hampton VA for nearly 40 years. Our goal is to provide our community with excellent products & services.

Here at Mercury Pawn we take the sale and purchasing of new and used guns very seriously. We have a Federal Firearm License (FFL) and abide by all state and federal regulations pertaining to the purchasing and sale of all new and used firearms. Having an FFL license enables us to lawfully engage in the sale of firearms to the public. When you purchase a gun from us, rest assured it has an uneventful and clean history, just as we do.

Looking for a new gun or to sell and trade in your old used firearms? Come on in and browse one of the greatest selections of new and used guns in Hampton VA. We have hundreds of guns in stock, from handguns and shotguns to rifles and all sorts of gun accessories. Some of the brands we tend to have in stock, but are not limited to, are Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Winchester, Remington and Benelli to name a few.

Why Buy Used Guns?

If you want to expand upon your firearms collection and save money, buying a pre-owned gun is a great way to do so. A brand name gun that has been maintained well is built to last for generation after generation. Buying used guns are a great way to acquire high-quality craftsmanship at a reduced price, allowing you to make the purchase without breaking the bank. Just because you are buying a used gun doesn’t mean it won’t last and doesn’t mean it’s not still a quality firearm.

Finding the Right Guns

We inspect every gun that comes into our store before making the purchase. This allows us to ensure our stock of firearms are of the highest quality before we sell to the public. We have an Federal Firearms license and take it very seriously, this is to the benefit of the community and our staff.

We Also Buy Your Used Guns

We don’t just sell guns but we also buy used guns so if you have a firearm you are interested in pawning or selling please let us know. If you’re considering selling, pawning or trading your gun in please make sure it’s been well maintained, cleaned in good working order and condition before brining it in for inspection.